Nestled in Japanese tranquility, Kinugawa Plaza Hotel also offers a full range of reserved open-air baths—perfect for your stay at Kinugawa Onsen.

Kinugawa Plaza Hotel

Guest Rooms

Corner suites with outlook baths, Hannari

ex. Corner suites with outlook baths, Hannari

Guest Rooms with Open-Air Baths

We offer outlook baths with a tremendous sense of openness, overlooking stunning views of the Kinugawa River.
Here you can unwind in relaxing spaces enveloped in soothing colors.

Corner suite with outlook bath, Fuuwari, 1 room total
Corner suites with outlook baths, Hannari, 2 rooms total
Special rooms with open-air baths, Sansuitei, 3 rooms total
Guest rooms with open-air baths, Sui, 9 rooms total

  • Corner suite with outlook bath, Fuuwari

    ex.Corner suite with outlook bath, Fuuwari

  • Guest rooms with open-air baths, Sui

    ex.Guest rooms with open-air baths, Sui

Japanese-Style Rooms

Soft colors and Japanese spaces create a relaxed atmosphere. We invite you on a satisfying trip, replete with hospitality to ensure your comfort, so you can relax in both mind and body.

  1. Hannari

    ex. Hannari

  2. Fuuwari

    ex. Fuuwari

  3. Yukuri Western-style

    ex. Yukuri Western-style

  4. 翠

    ex. Honnori

Hot Spring

Large Bath

Men's Large Bath

Large Bath

A footbath is provided to greet incoming travelers at the entrance hall overlooking the hot spring district. The "Takara no Yu" spring has long been enjoyed at Kinugawa, and is known for promoting beautiful skin condition. Guests can also enjoy our large baths, individual reserved open-air baths, and visits to other baths in the local area.

  • Women's Open-Air Bath

    Women's Open-Air Bath

Reserved Open-Air Forest Bath "Hozukitei"

Built in the detached style a few minutes’ walk from the main building, the reserved open-air forest bath "Hozukitei" is rich in onsen atmosphere. The pride of our hotel, this bath features deck chairs for cooling your body in the comfortable breeze, and a space where you can relax after bathing on spacious tatami mats. At night, you can also enjoy the wafting flames of lanterns.

- For overnight guests only
- Hours: 3:00 p.m.–12:00 midnight
- Fee: 1 room for 50 mins., ¥3,564 (incl. tax) and up
- Number of baths: 10 rooms
- Spring qualities: Simple alkaline hot spring
- Effective for: Neuralgia, rheumatism, etc.

  • Reserved Open-Air Forest Bath

Detached Natural Bath "Akebi"

The detached bath "Akebi" is located near the river, where the natural surroundings of the Kinugawa valley remain untouched. Here, your spirit is first immersed in the four seasons and the gorgeous views. When you pass under the kura-style gate and emerge from the forest road, there are 10 individual reserved open-air baths. These are equipped with a charming lounge in the style of an old Japanese house, a footbath, hot stone spas, and two open-air baths in each room, flowing constantly from the spring source. Enjoy a self-indulgent hot spring day trip as your fancy dictates.

- Hours: 10:00 a.m.–12:00 midnight
- Fee: Day-trip use, 1 room for 60 mins., ¥3,800 (incl. tax) and up
- Number of baths: 10 rooms
- Women-only hot stone spa: 6 beds (3 high-temperature, 3 low-temperature)
- Footbath: 1 location
- Spring qualities: Weak alkaline, low osmotic pressure spring
- Effective for: Chronic skin diseases, arteriosclerosis, etc.

  • Detached Natural Bath


Restaurant "Kinugawa Baru"

Authentic Spanish cuisine in a Japanese traditional house.


This L-shaped cottage with a stately style, reminiscent of the home of a wealthy farmer, features a traditional architecture that is the pride of Japan. When you enter the house, an unusual space is created by the high ceiling with exposed beams, and the antique-style lights and furnishings. "Kinugawa Baru" is a restaurant combining Japanese architectural beauty and Spanish traditional culinary culture. Here you can enjoy popular Spanish foods to your heart’s content in a buffet style. The menu includes small tapas dishes you might casually enjoy at a bar in Spain, authentic paella, and other items freshly prepared from fine ingredients.

■Number of tables: 18 ■Capacity: 61 guests
(A separate hall with capacity for up to 20 is also available for use by groups.)

  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant

This restaurant was created by relocating a magariya (L-shaped cottage), a traditional design of Japanese house architecture, with an aboveground height of over 9 meters.

Restaurant "Sansantei"

Enveloped in slow-moving time on the banks of a clear stream.

This detached restaurant is built in a grove of trees with a flowing stream. It has open-air seating with a coolness and elegance evocative of the bottom of a stream, and a main dining room with wonderful views, so guests can enjoy a feeling of oneness with nature. Here you can enjoy carefully selected dishes such as Nagoya Cochin chicken grilled over charcoal.

■Number of tables: 67 ■Capacity: 238 seats

Restaurant "Tsumiki"

Enjoy a quiet time in individual rooms partitioned off with traditional hanging curtains.

Obanzai cuisine is full of traditional wisdom and affection for the dining person, with stewed items simmered at low heat to bring out the full flavor of the ingredients, and side dishes with dressing featuring a good balance of highly nutritious ingredients. Take your time and savor the exquisitely delicious flavors.

■Number of tables: 35 ■Capacity: 140 seats

We also have soy milk skin—a Nikko specialty with a delicate flavor.

Restaurant "Kegon"

In nouvelle chinois (new Chinese) cuisine, colorfully prepared authentic Chinese food, and dishes based on the theme of health, are arranged in over 30 types in our uniquely creative buffet.

■Number of tables: 24 ■Capacity 86 seats

You can enjoy piping-hot food cooked with a smokeless roaster at each table.


  • Banquet Hall

    Banquet Hall "Keicho"

  • Lounge

    Lounge "Le Conte"

  • Free Internet Space

    Free Internet Space

  • Mini Library Corner

    Mini Library Corner

  • Gift shop

    Gift shop

  • Pool (open only in summer)

    Pool (open only in summer)

  • Game Room

    Game Room

  • Club

    Club "Charenton"

  • Conference Room

    Conference Room "Tansei"

  • - Capacity: 600 guests
  • - Guest rooms: Corner suite with outlook bath, Fuuwari (1 room)
    Corner suites with outlook baths, Hannari (2 rooms)
    Special rooms with open-air baths, Sansui Setsugetsuka (3 rooms)
    Guest rooms with open-air baths, Sui (9 rooms)
    Oriental suite (1 room)
    Comfort rooms Ikoi (5 rooms)
    honnori rooms (12 rooms)
    Fuuwari rooms (9 rooms)
    Hannari rooms (8 rooms)
    Yukuri Japanese style rooms (22rooms)
    Yukuri Western style rooms (11rooms)
    Standard rooms (76 rooms)
  • - Baths: Men’s and women’s large baths, men’s and women’s open-air baths, saunas, hot tubs
  • - Individual reserved open-air baths: "Hozukitei" (10 rooms)
  • - Individual reserved open-air baths along the valley: "Akebi" (10 rooms)
  • - Women-only hot stone spa: 6 stone beds (3 high-temperature, 3 low-temperature), Footbath: 1 location
  • - Restaurants: Kinugawa Baru, Sansantei, Tsumiki, Kegon, Ojika
  • - Banquet hall: "Keicho"
  • - Conference room: "Tansei"
  • - Club: "Charenton"
  • - Lounge: "Le Conte"
  • - Other: Gift shop, game room (billiards, ping-pong, etc.), mini library, party room, free Internet space
  • - Parking: Large buses (20 spaces), passenger cars (200 spaces)
  • - In-room facilities: TV, telephone, refrigerator (fee required for use of contents), electronic toilet seat bidet, hair dryer (some rooms)
  • - Guest room amenities: Soap bar, toothbrush and toothpaste set, yukata robes (adults, children), bath towels, hand towels
  • - Large bath amenities: Body soap, shampoo, conditioner, cotton swabs
    Men only: Razors, hair tonic, hair liquid, lotion
    Women only: Hair bands, shower caps, milky lotion, toner
  • - Rental services (fee required): Mahjong, Go, shogi, various board games


Approx. 1.4 km (20 minutes on foot) from Kinugawa-onsen Station on the Tobu Kinugawa Line. With Kinugawa-onsen Station at your back, proceed about 800 m to the right (north), cross the "Fureai Bridge," and go about 350 m to the right to arrive at the Kinugawa Plaza Hotel. The "Fureai Bridge" is for pedestrians only, and has a commanding view of Kinugawa Onsen.

[Dial Bus]
The Dial Bus picks up passengers who have arrived by train, and travels to the various inns in the Kinugawa Onsen area.
The bus departs in accordance with train arrivals. Let the driver know you will be staying at the Kinugawa Plaza Hotel.
The boarding point is just to the right after you come out of Kinugawa-onsen station. The fare is ¥180 for adults, and ¥90 for children.
The Dial Bus operates until shortly after the 19:05 arrival of the Limited Express Kinu No. 127.
Nikko-koutsu Co., Ltd., Dial Bus Sales Office: 0288-77-2685
Taxis are always available in front of Kinugawa-onsen Station.
Generally it costs one fare interval over the base fare to reach the Kinugawa Plaza Hotel